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Driss Garbaui

Something interesting about me? Well I'm Driss El Gharbaoui but I think you noticed that my surname is Garbaui. Well it's the same surname but I just delete it some letters so we both can spell it correctly :D I love everything about design and how to find a way to improve the our well-being using technology. I'm also an electronic music producer in my spare time where I tend to produce chill out music/downtempo and progressive trance stuff :) 

My biggest hobby is travelling to see and learn how people lived around the world and listen to their stories. I firmly believe that when you travel you discover yourself as a human being when you challenge your comfort zone and meet the world around you!

When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me volunteering at my local neighbourhood, exploring the world(with the permission of my bank account and the latest daily covid-19 restrictions), watch tv shows, pay bills and spending time thinking about life.

I'm also a worldwide expert on chilling on my sofa and think about nothing for hours :D

I'm available for projects as well as potential employment opportunities. Feel free to write me about your projects and availability, or just to say Hi! 

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